What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

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Garelick Farms®, a symbol of quality and community engagement, is a leading dairy producer. This commercial project underscores their innovative approach to marketing.

This project was a 30-second TV commercial, showcasing the essence of Garelick Farms in a captivating broadcast format.

The commercial featured talented child actors, vividly capturing the brand's family-friendly appeal. It highlighted the product's quality in visually striking product shots.

Suora Studios spearheaded this production, managing everything from color-specific backdrops to precise product shots, all within our spacious 4000 square foot sound stage.


Garelick Farms is committed to providing top-tier dairy products while nurturing local farming communities. Their vision encompasses being a household name for quality and reliability in the dairy sector.

The commercial, aimed at families, particularly resonates with children, aligning with Garelick Farms' commitment to being a trusted family brand with an authentic story.


Garelick Farms' product line, including milk, cream, and flavored milk, is known for its freshness and quality, appealing to health-conscious consumers and families. The brand aspires to continually evolve in product innovation and marketing strategies, extending their reach to include young families and the health-conscious demographic.


The commercial primarily targets families and individuals who prioritize high-quality locally-sourced dairy in their daily lives. Suora produced a captivating 30-second commercial, leveraging the charm of child actors and the allure of high-quality product visuals to effectively communicate Garelick Farms' brand values.

This project was a collaboration with the innovative marketing team at Ethos from Maine and our neighbors, Trailblazer Studios, handling post-production. Under the direction of Jake from Ethos, Suora's team worked  seamlessly together from the pre-production phase through to the actual production, ensuring a unified creative vision. The pre-production was marked by detailed planning, including sourcing exact blue and green backdrops and paint to match Garelick Farms' brand pantones perfectly, creating a visually cohesive set.

The commercial's pre-visualization focused on the energetic performance of the child actors and the presentation of the dairy products.

Orchestrating a professional crew, from lighting to grip to cinema-camera production, and filming in the highest quality codecs in our sound stage exemplified one area we thrive in: coordinating complex processes into a successful and fun production. The spot utilized quick shots of a “dirty” set - what we in the film industry say when we show behind-the-scenes footage in a final spot. Working with young child actors usually poses unique challenges. We’re grateful that Jake had lots of experience in coaching kids in front of a lens, and we were blown away by this project’s talent. They were the stars of the show repeating lines multiple times and selling them every time.

The collaboration with Trailblazer Studios for editing involved a seamless handover of logistics and raw files, ensuring the commercial's final cut was of the utmost quality. We love how the spot came to life - it was “a whole lotta’ milk - and a lotta’ good!”

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