World-Class Leadership Development

World-Class Leadership Development

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Suora partners with ExecOnline as a premier vendor to produce high-quality e-learning video content at scale for their top business school partners and internal leadership development products.


ExecOnline pioneers Online Leadership Development to help all leaders reach their future potential. In partnership with the world’s top business schools, they deliver career-enhancing programs for leaders and meaningful impact for enterprises.


ExecOnline’s audience consists of leaders and future leaders. Leaders are within us and among us, which is why they strive to inspire others by creating a future-forward path. ExecOnline takes its responsibility to its clients, participants, and business school partners seriously and invests in their relationships so that everyone can grow together.

That’s why ExecOnline connects learning concepts to real life, connects people to professionals and coaches, connects enterprises to more diverse leaders, and helps leaders connect better with their teams.

Their values guide how they fulfill their mission of connecting all leaders to their future potential.


Built on the belief that leadership development should be more accessible for all leaders and more impactful for organizations, ExecOnline partners with the world’s top business schools to bring premium leadership development online.

ExecOnline’s learning and development model is based on what we call “Experiences.” The model itself is fast-paced and consists of several deliverables. Each experience consists of approximately seven, 7-minute videos, an introduction, and a set of closing remarks. The pre-production, production, and post-production all need to happen in a general time frame of about 3 to 4 weeks. 

To produce at the scale which we do, we needed to nail down a hyper-specific, efficient, and scalable process early on, after the learning instructor is identified. The process is dependent on a few key things:

  • The design and development of a robust motion graphics template in After Effects to create interesting and diverse graphic callouts at scale
  • High attention to detail and completion of “production scripts” early in the planning process
  • High-quality directed studio recordings by the Suora Studios production team
  • Fast-paced video editing with a low margin of error across up to sixty minutes of footage in one to two weeks

Suora completes anywhere from two to five learning “experiences” in any given month with relative ease due to this approach. Contact us today if you need us to help you bring a course to life.


Check out the content we delivered to our partners



Direct to camera "masterclass" style courses can require a significant number of motion graphics and stylistic enhancements to engage the viewer. We brand and build motion graphic templates and custom styles that aid in the learning process and provide visual consistency throughout the experiences. If you'd like to see examples of work, reach out at


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