Dry Eye Relief

Dry Eye Relief

The project

Project Overview

We partnered with video agency Let There Be to produce a 30 second commercial spot with 15 and 6 second cut downs for global eye care brand, Similasan. 

This project took us up into the peak of the mountains of North Carolina to emulate the Swiss alps right here in the United States. Around six months of intensive pre-production planning was followed by a grueling day of production on the side of Black Balsam Knob off the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Originating in Switzerland in 1980, the Similasan brand became popular across Europe. Today, Similasan remedies are widely used and well-respected in North America. Similasan ear drops, eye drops, cough remedies, and other medicine can be found in more than 20,000 retail establishments in the U.S.

Similasan is dedicated to helping families feel good about feeling better. Their natural, homeopathic remedies provide temporary symptomatic relief from ailments of the eyes, ears, nose, head, and chest.


Similasan’s audience for these commercials is a conscientious, family-oriented motherly figure that cares about her eye health.


Our approach to this project was highly collaborative alongside the creative team at Let There Be video marketing to achieve Similasan’s goals for this project. From developing different story concepts, to location scouting all across the North Carolina mountain landscape, to producing detailed storyboards and shot lists for this commercial spot, our team worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of what we could do to execute on this project.

Using a detailed, milestone approach to ensure all parties were aligned each step of the way and had the opportunity to provide input and feedback, the final result is an amalgamation of the work and ideas of many brilliant minds put together. At a high level, here are the steps we completed for each stage of the project.


  • Scripting
  • Casting
  • Set Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Shot List Planning
  • Location Scouting
  • Storyboarding
  • Wardrobe Planning
  • Project Management


  • Crewing
  • Directing
  • Producing


  • Assembly
  • Sound Design
  • Color Correction & Grading
  • Version Control

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Check out some select frames from the project.


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