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MANTLE is NexTech Solutions’ (NTS) flagship product. It’s an automation platform that leverages modern cloud-native technologies to deploy infrastructure components and software services to the edge. Using an infrastructure-as-Code approach, MANTLE enables a consistent deployment model, simplifying operations at scale, and allowing users to gain control of their edge operations.

We partnered with NexTech Solutions (NTS) to create a full-service explainer animation for MANTLE.


NexTech Solutions is a team of experts and engineers who understand the challenges that federal agencies face in finding and implementing the best technologies and IT solutions to meet mission requirements. They work with their government customers in defense and civilian agencies to identify new technologies. 

NTS empowers its people to solve difficult problems by challenging the status quo; delivering uncompromising technology, unrivaled services, and unwavering support to their clients.


MANTLE provides a new kind of automated infrastructure deployment experience that is rapid and repeatable – where in a fully disconnected state, all of the support devices and virtual infrastructure can be completely automated and done so at the push of a button. While targeted toward defense clients, it serves as a robust IT solution for many different kinds of partners. 

The usage of containers to scale services in real-time is a significant leap forward in the arena of IT infrastructure management. MANTLE's consistent deployment model allows the configuration engineer to define the desired end-state in plain text and then quickly deploy that configuration to their mission hardware. MANTLE helps make the Modern Deployable Edge a reality by significantly reducing deployment effort and ensuring the kit is built to spec on time, every time.


We partnered with NexTech Solutions to help simplify the messaging around what can be perceived to be a complex technological solution in MANTLE.

NTS needed a partner that could provide a full-service solution from scripting and concept creation to art design, storyboarding, and animation in Adobe After Effects. We took a detailed, milestone approach to the concepting and art design to allow for the NTS team to collaborate on the messaging and creative due to the complexities of their product.

NTS’ core color of red shines through as a key design element of the piece. The shining orb helps the viewer follow along the foundational idea of connectivity and accessibility across the NTS platform.

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Check out the content we delivered to our partners



Check out some of our style frames from the final product.


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