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"The Sessions" is a gripping psychological thriller set in a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane. The narrative revolves around a therapy group consisting of half a dozen violent inmates. As tensions escalate within this volatile environment, the pilot episode culminates in a dramatic climax, showcasing the unpredictable nature of such a setting.

Suora Studios partnered with The Sessions team to lead the post-production of the TV pilot including the edit, color direction, and sound design.


Vince Eisenson - Director/Producer

Vince got his start on stage and screen as a youngster, performing in various theatres and televised after-school specials in the triangle region of North Carolina.  He has since worked extensively on stage, most recently playing the title role in 'Hamlet' at Baltimore's Chesapeake Shakespeare Company. On television, he has appeared in 'New Amsterdam,' 'Billions,' 'The Endgame,' 'Turn: Washington's Spies,' and opposite Ethan Hawke in 'The Good Lord Bird.'  He was also in 'Wonder Woman 1984' and the recent German film 'Rabiye Kurnaz v. George W. Bush,' a multi-award winner at the Berlin International Film Festival.  He is a series regular on the web-series 'Turf Valley,' currently streaming on YouTube.  Vince began working on the other side of the camera as a film and media student both at NC School of the Arts and UNC-Chapel Hill, and most recently directed the short films 'Gift' and 'Lost on the Beach.'  He is thrilled to tackle this chilling piece with a terrific cast and crew.

Al Julian - Writer/Executive Producer

Writer/Producer Al Julian of Feedback Filmworks has brought his long career in forensic psychology and law to the creation of cinematic works over the past ten years; his work garnering over 170 screenplay and film awards since 2018. 'Fever Dreams,' a feature thriller that Al wrote and co-produced, is now streaming on Amazon Prime, Tubi, Roku and Plex. He recently released a second feature anthology 'Al Julian’s Short World,' which is currently playing on the festival circuit. This summer, Al will co-produce the TV Pilot of 'The Sessions,' an enclosed mini-series based on murderers' groups Al ran in another life.


The primary audience for "The Sessions" includes fans of psychological thrillers and crime dramas. The show's gritty realism and intense character studies are likely to appeal to viewers who appreciate nuanced storytelling and complex character arcs. Additionally, the series' basis in real-life experiences may attract those interested in psychology and criminal behavior.


Our Writer/Executive Producer, Al Julian, a former forensic psychologist and attorney, used to run murderer’s groups just like this, where he became immersed in the lives of many twisted men and the utterly shocking crimes they committed. In fact, the men and events depicted in 'The Sessions' pilot are uncomfortably close to the real thing! The names and stories have been tweaked only slightly, not to protect the innocent in this case, but the guilty. The bizarre but nearly true stories of our patients begin to play out in our ground-breaking pilot that we are sure will captivate audiences around the world.  As the series develops, we will come to see that some of these patients have hope for redemption, and may even become heroes despite their painful pasts.  Others are doomed to plumb the depths of depravity until they find rock-bottom.   

Suora Studios' involvement in "The Sessions" was pivotal in bringing the vision of Vince Eisenson and Al Julian to life. Through expert editing, color direction, and immersive sound design, the studio helped craft a pilot that is not only a compelling piece of storytelling but also a technical achievement in television production. The studio's dedication to quality and attention to detail in post-production played a significant role in realizing the gritty and intense world of "The Sessions," setting the stage for what promises to be a captivating series.

In the realm of post-production, Suora Studios' involvement in "The Sessions" was akin to an intricate dance of visual and auditory artistry, weaving together a narrative that was as compelling as it was haunting. We embarked on a journey of meticulous editing, where each cut and transition was more than a mere technical necessity; it was a deliberate stroke in the larger canvas of storytelling. Each scene was edited individually, and then brought together in sections. The pacing was a critical element, carefully calibrated to build suspense and engage viewers from the opening scene to the climactic end of the pilot. This was not just about connecting scenes; it was about maintaining a rhythm that mirrored the psychological ebbs and flows of the characters' inner worlds.

As Suora dove into color direction alongside the expertise of colorist Alex Winker, we embraced the challenge of using hues and tones to set the mood of the series. The color palette became an unspoken language, subtly reflecting the tumultuous psychological states of the characters and the overarching ominous atmosphere. This was a task of both art and psychology, as the team used color grading to symbolize character development and thematic shifts, adding layers of depth to the visual storytelling.

The sound design, crafted by composer Andrei Shulach and Brian Michael Fuller, was no less integral to the narrative. The team created atmospheric soundscapes that were not just heard but felt, enveloping the audience in the intense, often unsettling world of the psychiatric facility. The sound was a character in its own right, a narrative tool that gave voice to the unspoken fears and tensions simmering beneath the surface. It was about more than just accuracy; it was about using sound to peel back the layers of each character, revealing the complexities of their pasts and the echoes of their actions.

In this symphony of editing, color, and sound, Suora Studios didn't just contribute to "The Sessions"; they breathed life into it. Their work was a testament to the power of post-production in shaping the heart and soul of a series. Through their dedication and artistry, the studio not only met the vision of Vince Eisenson and Al Julian but elevated it, ensuring that "The Sessions" was not just a show to be watched but an experience to be felt.


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