Visualizing Complex Mechanisms

Visualizing Complex Mechanisms

The project

Project Overview

Our team partnered with SKF – the world’s largest bearing manufacturer –  to produce a series of concept ads that highlighted their bearing products. The concept ads were used at a trade show in an SKF booth and displayed on large, vertical LED screens.


SKF is the world's largest bearing manufacturer, and employs 44,000 people in 108 manufacturing units. It has the largest industrial distributor network in the industry, with 17,000 distributor locations encompassing 130 countries. SKF is one of the largest companies in Sweden and among the largest public companies in the world.


The audience for these concept videos was more unique than our typical video project. The videos were to be placed on modern, vertical LED screens used in an SKF trade booth at a large sales convention. The videos served specifically to be “eye-catching” and overly “unique” to create brand differentiation within SKF to their B2B enterprise customers.


The interesting part about this project is that our team had an entirely blank slate to work off of. SKF tasked us with developing a set of concept ads to highlight their key bearing products in an eye-catching manner across the four key manufacturing industries of Metals, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, and Mining. However, since we weren’t filming any footage onsite, we crafted the stories entirely using stock footage and 3D animation.

Once we had draft storyboards put together, our 3D animation team mocked up beautiful, industry-specific scenes that SKF products would be a part of to close out each concept advertisement. The visual effect we brought to these videos to make them engaging was one you might see in big downtown cities on large LED screens – the feeling of something “popping out” of the screen. Using Blender Animation and Adobe After Effects, we made the bearings pop out of the screen too.

This campaign is representative of going way outside the box, and the depth of strategic and creative capabilities Suora can provide their clients. Have an idea for a video but unsure where to take it? Reach out to us at


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Check out some select frames from the project.


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