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Breaking Location Barriers: The Power of Suora's Remote Direction

November 21, 2023

What is Remote Production?

Remote production is a workflow in which content is produced or captured externally to the location of physical production.  Often utilized in capturing live events or catering to a desired shooting location, remote production negates travel expenses, saves time, and allows viewing live feeds from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Suora offers clients full-service remote production to solve logistical challenges in scheduling and travel, to provide a convenient and efficient client-experience.  

Shoot with Suora Studios in the sound stage.

How Does It Work?

The workflow of remote production can be explained in three phases: Pre-production, production, and post-production. 

In pre-production, Suora engages with our clients to determine several goals for the project: Target audience, desired deliverables, opportunities for innovation, and obstacles to execution.  A clear understanding of the end-product is paramount to successful pre-production. This also enables us to customize our post-production workflow to the product, determining custom graphic complexity, timelines for assembly, and delivery specs. Next, we take time to consider all factors that facilitate an efficient production, including the geography and schedules of our clients. Upon request, we are able to produce a shoot in virtually any city in the world.  For example, the leading expert on Sustainability in Business has a window of availability during a short trip to Traverse City, MI.  Utilizing our network and expertise in remote production, Suora is able to arrange a production in Traverse City within that window, securing a facility for shooting, arranging and hiring crew, managing proper equipment requirements for the highest quality product, setting up the livestream of the content being produced for monitoring, and even arranging travel and lodging accommodations for clients.  Once the production is in order, Suora will provide a comprehensive plan to our clients and talent, including the production schedule, information for viewing the productions remotely, wardrobe specifications, and expectations on set.

Suora's SME framing guide.

Our goal for production is a comfortable and efficient atmosphere for our clients and talent. This is especially important for remote production and requires diligence in pre-production to ensure a smooth shoot day. Suora is tapped in via a live Zoom feed, which enables us to give clear and concise direction to the room while also keeping a close eye on the camera feeds and audio levels.  We will have a hair and makeup artist ready for our talent upon arrival. Once they are “through the works”, we’ll bring the talent to set and dial in the teleprompter settings, finalize camera framing, mic the speaker, and get ready to roll.  Suora monitors the scripts and provides live feedback during the shoot, to ensure the best-quality product in the edit.  This is where our extensive experience in producing live-action learning shines.  We know exactly how to run the set to achieve our shooting schedule.  We know when we’re good to “move on” to the next script, and when we need to go for another take to ensure a fluid cut or graphics implementation.  We’ve put in the reps to provide effective direction, steering the ship and keeping our talent “in the zone.”

Suora's production standards guide.

Successful post-production is contingent on diligent pre-production and a smooth production experience.  Once production wraps, Suora immediately ingests the media and assembles the customized learning experience to spec. This is where our customized production direction comes to fruition enabling a streamlined post-production process and flexibility in revisions or additions to graphics. Media is presented for client-review at multiple stages in the process to ensure alignment on visuals, graphics, and format.  Upon approval, the final product is created and delivered in an easy-to-access format, ready to be distributed at the client’s specifications.

Considering remote production elicits a reasonable question:  “Why contract Suora?  Could we instead hire a production company local to our desired shooting location?”  To make a long story short: Video production is organized chaos, and Suora eliminates the stress of organizing the chaos at the highest level of commercial course creation.  Our process, developed over a hundred learning experiences, provides the most consistent quality in the market. Simply put, we know what to look for.  We know where errors occur, and how to eliminate them.  The customized experience we offer, front-to-back, saves our clients time and bandwidth, all while providing an elite quality product that cuts through the market. 

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